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  • XML Resources - A list of useful resources covering XML.


    XML Acronyms - A brief summary of the many acronyms and emerging standards dealing with the eXtensible Markup Language.


    Microsoft .Net FAQ - A summary of frequently asked questions regarding this new development environment. Please note Beta 2 is now available.


    Java Script - Using JavaScript in navigation, The JavaScript Language, Values, Variables, Literals, Reference, An Overview of JavaScript Statements.

    Web Development Resources - HTML Tutorials, JavaScript Tutorials, DHTML/Style Sheets, CGI/Perl, Free Graphics/Backgrounds, Web Design Articles.

    Visual Modeling and Software Architecture - The Importance of Modeling, Unified Modeling Language, Software Architecture, The Views of a Software Architecture, The Software Development Process, Case Studies.

    Services Model and Software Architecture - IModern software development follows a component design methodology. This diagram depicts a common structure for dividing your applications into discrete layers. This is useful for all software development projects, but particularly web development projects.

    Microsoft ADO - Active Data Objects Object Model - Microsoft's Active Data Objects are used to access relational databases. It is based on OLE DB, therefore you will need an OLE DB driver for a particular relational database. OLE DB / ADO is meant to replace ODBC.

    Microsoft ASP - Active Server Pages Object Model - Active Server Page development is based on the following object model.

    Microsoft XML - Object Model - IThe eXtensible Markup Language may prove to be a standard for all types of data interchange on the Internet and other software applications. This is the Microsoft XML Object Model.

    Microsoft DTS - Object Model - Data Transfer Services for the Microsoft SQL Server Database are encapsulated in the following object model.